So myself and my boyfriend broke up a few days ago.. I thought my world was ending but it’s been 3 days since and I’m doing okay. I’m still living and doing just fine. I guess it’s just hard when someone gets into your daily routine of things and you get used to that person and everything you just kinda miss them and don’t know how to do stuff without them for a few days. 

He was all I texted or all I called; so my phone has been almost useless to me lately. I know it sounds pretty stupid but it’s true. I don’t have a lot of friends, because he was my best friend. 

Well now that I’m thinking of it I’m doing okay and I dealt with the breakup pretty good. But the way the breakup happened was really sh*tty; he just disappeared and stopped talking to me thinking he didn’t owe me an explanation at all. Finally he tells me “I’m sorry I can’t do it.” 

He posts stuff on Twitter like I can’t see it.

But I don’t know he’s been following me back on all my social media and talking to me slowly. What do you guys think that means? What would you do? 

Also, if you guys wanna hear about how I handle a long distance relationship and my relationship with my transgendered boyfriend let me know!