Hey you guys, this post is just random because I’m bored but I wanted to let you guys know some of the things I sell for fun. I sell Jewelry Candles; it’s like the candles with the rings inside only this one is something really cool! You can buy candles, wax melts, bars of soaps, a lotion, and it comes with different types of jewelry inside; rings, bracelets, and necklaces!

If you guys wanna check out my shop look here; Jewelry Candles || My Jewelry Candle Facebook Page

Now you don’t have to buy from it or anything I just wanted to let you guys know, and if anyone is interested in selling it comment on here and we will talk about it!

TuVous is a jewelry/fashion company, it’s got an assortment of things for men and women. It’s all reasonably priced, and good for gifts! They have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nail wraps, scarves, clutches, socks, boot cuffs, etc.

TuVous Fashion and if you’re interested in hosting a Facebook party to get lots of FREE goodies, just let me know. My TuVous Facebook Page

I just hope you guys decide to check these pages out, i’m not pushing it on you guys. and I’m not one of those annoying consultants AND that’s why i’ve had absolutely no sales on this stuff LOL.