Good Morning Friends! 

It’s almost 8 am est, here. I have the crappiest time sleeping. I wake up in the middle of the night wide awake; well not even wide awake I wake up mostly to toss and turn for hours hoping I can fall asleep because I’m still sleepy but my body isn’t. 

Then I end up waking up at the effing crack of dawn like 7 am. I hate it! So so so much. I got to bed late – it happens – I go to bed early – it happens. What am I doing wrong? Ugh

Anyways I’ve got my sisters jamberry nail party this evening and then tomorrow I have to go fix the lady’s hair I did all over & she wants a refund! Any cosmetologists have advice on this situation? They want their hair fixed and a refund? How do you go about that?? 


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