I haven’t posted the past few days because it’s been beyond crazy! I couldn’t even begin to tell you guys what’s been going on without making it a twenty paragraph post but let me try to summarize it up for you. 

The lady’s hair that I did, she hated it again and she wanted it all bleached out to be blonde. Well any true hairstylist knows if you have red in your hair it’s gonna take awhile to get out even with some bleaching. Well I planned on bleaching it and toning it – she tells me not to tone it that she likes it the color it was and I was like okay.. WELL I get a message of her saying she wants a refund and blah blah.. What do I even do? 

I’ve not been working much so my paychecks have been literal crap – I hate not being able to work. /: 

Lately I’ve been so fed up with the bullshit in life that I could punch someone – but I’m not violent I promise lol. 

How has everyone else’s week went? Mine has been good. 


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