I love my career of being a cosmetology, I know how to give facials, I know a bit about skincare, I know how to wax eyebrows, I can give a badass mani and pedi, and I can lay a set of acrylics. Well mainly when you go to cosmetology school you focus on hair, the other things are just little extra’s that you can learn more of later on in your career. 

I love being able to cut hair, learning new haircuts, I’m excellent at rolling a perm, and giving an all over color. 

Some things I hate about doing hair color is when you’re washing out the color the nape of the neck you cannot always wash it without getting the entire shirt wet. It’s so embarrassing because it seems like you cannot wash hair worth shit but truth is your client just sometimes is too short to reach all the way back in the bowl and it’s not their fault. 

I also hate when you’re trying to dye over red or pink, those are two colors that are so hard to dye over even if you’re using a straight 1N (Blackest Black Hair Color) – it sometimes doesn’t wanna color the pink or red because the color pigments are too strong and have stained the cuticle. 

Foils aren’t too bad in my opinion, I just hate doing a full head unless the person doesn’t mind waiting a little bit. My foils have got to be perfect, I fold them perfect and everything. I lay a neat set of foils out and I put them neatly on someone’s head. 

Balayage has its different terms for everyone, I learned to balayage with a comb at school. But I see everyone using free hand balayage now days and it’s completely different than what I learned in school. 

The perks of being a hairstylist are you know what is good for your hair/skin and everyone else in your family thinks they know more than you but you spent a year and a half in school to do it for a living and they still treat you like you’re dumb. Lol. But they expect a free haircut/color from you? NAH. 😉 


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