My concert tickets have finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited! 

I’m going to see Pierce The Veil in concert June 12th at the House of Blues in Cleveland OH. 

Pierce The Veil is one of my favorite bands, it’s one of those bands that the music style varies from different types of sounds but mostly it’s metal/hardcore/Rock it’s a band a lot of teens listen to, but they have a lot of good songs. 

I saw them in concert 1 other time and it was last year in February and it was amazing. 

Let’s see I’ll recommend you guys a few good songs to go listen too. 

Hell Above

King For a Day

A March Into Water 

Kissing in Cars 


Bulletproof Love 


Hold on Till May 

There’s many more songs you guys should check out but those are just SOME of my favorite songs by the band. 

Let me know your favorite bands!! 


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