So I really want to do good with my blog and keep it very active and actually possibly make it a career on the side of being a hairdresser. 

Can someone tell me how do you get started? Obviously I know I’m gonna have to purchase my own domain and everything, I just want to know if I’m going about all of this the right way. 

What are some good blogging networks? Should I even use one? I don’t know! 

Maybe someone can let me know how I can officially kick off my blog the correct way, to begin to make it more successful. 🙂 

No this isn’t just about money for me, this is about me wanting to actually reach out to a wider range of people who can relate to my posts. I just wanna see my blog succeed is all. I don’t even care if I make money off my blog. It was never my intentions when starting it. I’d rather put money into it knowing I’m making it something people want to look at and such. 

Anyways any sort of help you guys can offer me would be amazing! 


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