Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in awhile and yes it’s all my fault and I’m sorry for that! 

I’ve been busy helping to plan my nephews first birthday party and it was a huge success, well kinda. I did all kinds of help and work for it and we didn’t even get to watch him open his presents or do his cake because his dad’s family was all in the way and wouldn’t move. My dad was pissed off and we ended up leaving. Obviously it’s not my nephews fault but my sister should’ve said something. But she lets his family control everything. Smh. 
Anyways, I will be starting my new job soon. I can’t wait! I’m very excited to start it and learn more about how it to do different things and how to do more exciting hair things. 

My dad was diagnosed with skin cancer awhile back and they got it all out and we think there’s some pieces coming back but we are unsure.. My mom called his doctor and she’s getting him in ASAP. She’s trying to move patience around and get my dad in quicker. 

Just keep him in your thoughts please. 🙂 

Well what’s new with you guys? Anything? Let me know! 


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