Hey friends, so since I last posted many new things has been happening in my life. I’ve started a new job, I’ve been making new friends, feeling more and more confident with myself. 

I work many hours and I like that. So how are you guys? I miss posting all the time but I can’t help that I’m so busy and I post these daily as I experience life I don’t advance post. 

Well anyways, today I got a whitening kit and I whitening my teeth with it. It burned! I’m not sure if I used too much product or if it was just getting the deep set in stains. I’m really wanting to make my appearance 100% for my job, so having bright white teeth will help. Anyways, I was supposed to leave it on for 15 minutes and only lasted 4 because it started to burn. My results were awesome though. I love how it looks. 

My work was dead today, did only 1 haircut and 1 brow wax; but I sold some retail so that’s always good. I can’t wait to build a clientele. 

Well that’s all for now ladies and gents. X)