Well, so I’m just barely 21. I still live at home and I’m working full time, my job is nice. I love what I do and I love working, however I hate having to work on my days off, those days off are days I have to myself or days I have to my family. Days that I request off should also be my days off, I shouldn’t be called into work? But sometimes I am, lol. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a working person and everyone else you’re working with is a complete baby. ANYHOW, my paychecks aren’t the best for as much as I bust my ass for; oh well at least it’s a job and at least I’m doing what I got my degree in. 

Now I’m not a total party girl, I’m not one to go out and just be wild. I’m more of a stay at home and watch YouTube videos kind of a girl. I don’t have to many friends, I have some but not enough to brag on. 

I’m currently sick as ever, oh my gosh. I have an ear ache in my left ear and it’s causing my left side teeth to hurt SO BAD! I kept freaking out because I thought something was wrong with my teeth but here it’s just my dang ear. 

I have been looking into Invisalign, to kinda get my teeth straightened up a little bit. Well I saw the SmileDirect Club, has anyone heard about them?? I saw a girl I watch on YouTube talk about them a little bit but I never watched anymore on it, well I decided to try it. Would you guys be interested in my success story with it?? You’ll have to let me know! If you’re wanting to try it, you can get half off the starting price which is $99.00 via this link – I think they give everyone who joins a referral link! 

I started selling It Works, and I’m not doing so well with it. No one wants to buy it, lol. I’m contemplating on whether I should just stop selling it or should I keep trying?? Give me your thoughts!